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Hassaan Markhiani

🎮 League taught me valuable lessons (Jan '24)

I noticed that I’ve lost emotional resiliency that I learned through playing poker and League of Legends. At a meta level, I’ve let myself become more indulgent and weakened my willpower. I let my emotions get affected by events outside of my control. I let myself eat whatever I want. I don’t hold myself accountable with regards to staying fit. I let myself waste time watching or reading useless things. It's incredible the lessons I learned while trying to climb the ranks on League. While playing basketball does scratch the competitive itch that I have, I don't do it enough to retain the meta skills I learn. I should pick up competive games again. Maybe a mobile game that's easy to pick up.

I noticed I was a much better person while not working. I wanted to establish boundaries and keep it up after going back to work. Two weeks in, an annoying conversation with manager threw it out the window. I defintely needed to change my situation. It wasn't sustainable, so I decided to go back to my previous team. My previous manager was the best manager I've had. I don't know if he was a good fit for me, or if he was good enough to adjust to me. Either way, I loved working for him. I relearned that people you work with matter way more than the work you do.

I decided to watch Diaries of an Apothecary on a whim because it had amazing reviews. To my surprise, I loved it. The plot and character development were great.

We flew to Georgia for Thy's cousin's wedding. She comes from a large family. It was great to be around them. They were all so welcoming to me. It reminded me of the huge family I grew up around in Pakistan. While I'm thankful that I was able to grow up in America and have an amazing life, I miss the life I could've had if I grew up around them. That feeling of having so much in common with others and intrinsic love is hard to replicate.