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Hassaan Markhiani

🥰 Hello, Lilah (May '24)

I got to spend a lot of time with Micah during the first week of parental leave, and he loved it! Our bond is getting strong again, and he's starting to prefer doing activities with me.

I'm nervous about Lilah’s birth. Hoping she comes out healthy.

Feeling nostalgic and having urge to listen to music from my teens (alt rock and hip hop). I wish I could read my thoughts from that time period because I’m forgetting who I was then. I don’t remember much about my childhood, but it’ll be useful to remember as I parent Micah and lilah through those years. I should document my thoughts now, so future Hassaan can reference them and know what I was like in the moment.

Drake vs Kendrick. Holy shit. What a time to be alive and experience that moment. Kendrick won, hands down. Not Like Us is a certified banger.

Lilah came early. It needed to be an emergency c section. That was a fucking scare. In the moment, we were ignorant to the severity of the situation. We eventually realized how blessed we were when multiple doctors and nurses told us that we were lucky that everything worked out. Thankfully both mom and daughter are doing good now. She'll be our miracle child.

I've gotten a strong desire to play games again. I recently came across retro handhelds devices, but I couldn't justify buying one because I know I wouldn't have time to play with it. Just when I was about to give up on playing games, I found out that Netflix gives you access to pretty dope games. The big one that caught my eye was the anniversary version of Braid. This took me down a rabbit hole of trying to figure out a comfortable way to play the game. It turns out that I can just connect my PS4 controller to my phone and play with it. The thought of managing the battery life of the controller and always needing a resting spot for the phone put me off though. Then I came across controllers that wrap around the phone and connect to it through the usb-c port. I found two good options: Gamevice Flex and Backbone. I preferred the Gamevice, but they only had a limited run. My only good option was the Backbone, so I bought it on an impulse. Unfortunately, my case was too big to use it! I really like my case, so I didn't want to change it. I have a case that doubles as a walltet. I don't like carrying my wallet, so now I just carry 3 cards in my phone's case. The beauty of the case is that it also includes a kickstand to easily watch stuff on my phone. I decided to give the controller to my sister, but I couldn't shake the urge to play games. A few days later, it hit me! I can get a slimmer case and buy a separate magsafe wallet with a kickstand! Whenever I want to game, I can simply snap the wallet off and put the Backbone on. I just ordered the parts. I'll update this section after I test it out. I'm excited to replay Braid and the new puzzles!